How to Convert PDF to JPG File Format in 2017 FREE

In the business of creativity, be it the fields of web designing, application designing or logo designing, at some point or the other in their careers the graphics designers face the need to convert their images, PDF and various other formats of documents to the required format as various platforms require numerous image formats that fit well with them.

But it is not desirable to have a separate software for each and every format that is encountered. As a designer one always goes for a software that can cater to all their needs and consumes least of their resources.

PDF to JPG Converters one such software for all your file conversion needs as a creative specialist. The software is available at and at the company' website

PDF to JPG Converter:

How to Convert PDF to JPG File Format in 2017 FREE
How to Convert PDF to JPG File Format in 2017 FREE

Some of its features are:

  • Many file formats supported: Providing accurate layout and formatting, this software is not limited to just one format, but various other formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF etc.
  • Fast Conversion: Consumes minimal resources of storage, processor, etc. and provides fast output.

  • Resolution Selection: Supports DPI (Dot per Inch) conversion to provide an excellent resolution, whereas a large number of conversion software lets the quality of the output image go for a toss.
  • Color choice: The software supports conversion from color PDF to color JPG as well as from color PDF to black and white JPG and black and white PDF to black and white JPG as per the need.
  • Password Support: It supports the conversion of password protected PDF while retaining the privacy by asking for the password while converting the files.
  • Batch Conversion: Facilitates the conversion of more than one file together as a batch to save the time and effort of the user.
  • Select Output Path: The user can customize the way and the locations at which the images will be stored if he/she has a different choice from the default location the software creates.
How to Convert PDF to JPG File Format in 2017 FREE
How to Convert PDF to JPG File Format in 2017 FREE

As a developer above stated are just a few of the primary features required. The primary problem that developers face is having to spend too much money on different software for different requirements. This product completely eradicates that issue in one go. Therefore, this product is an excellent solution for those who have just started out as developers as well as the professionals.

It is very important for a developer to be able to customize and manage the work which is facilitated by software by providing customized output management.

No developer would be happy to be a victim of theft and plagiarism. With the PDF to JPG Converter work is completely secure with the developer. Nowadays theft is the most frequent problem with cloud/online converters which have come up in the market as the clouds being used by those services providers are vulnerable to attack and privacy and security may be compromised very easily.

How to Convert PDF to JPG File Format in 2017 FREE
How to Convert PDF to JPG File Format in 2017 FREE

There is no need for internet connectivity while using the software and the work is available to the developer 24X7 without the need to have to wait for internet connectivity. Where slow internet speed could delay the work while uploading or processing the work this solution is typically designed to provide a painless and lightning fast work efficiency.

The PDF to JPG Converter by Soft Solutions is undoubtedly the unrivaled and perfect solution for a high quality, unmatched output with a whole package of features that makes it extremely simple to use with high efficiency and low resource requirement.

A video tutorial is available at

Download Computer Operating System Complete PDF Book

Download Computer Operating System Complete PDF Book: An operating system (OS) is a collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs.The operating system is a vital component of the system software in a computer system.

Download Computer Operating System Complete PDF Book
Download Computer Operating System Complete PDF Book

This Book will take you through step by step approach while learning Computer Operating System concepts.


This reference has been prepared for the computer science graduates to help them understand the basic to advanced concepts related to Operating System.

Download Computer Operating System Complete PDF Book

Thomas Calculus 12th Edition PDF | Free Download

Here you can free download Thomas Calculus 12th Edition PDF Textbook. Thomas’ Calculus, Twelfth Edition is written by George B. Thomas Jr. (Author), Maurice D. Weir, Joel R. Hass. I will also upload PDF file of solution manual. This content is intended for a three-semester or four-quarter Calculus course (math, building, and science majors).
Thomas Calculus 12th Edition PDF | Free Download
Thomas Calculus 12th Edition PDF | Free Download

Calculus hasn't changed, however your understudies have. Today's understudies have been raised on promptness and the craving for pertinence, and they come to Calculus with shifted numerical foundations. Thomas' Calculus, Twelfth Edition, helps your understudies effectively sum up and apply the key thoughts of Calculus through clear and exact clarifications, clean plan, insight fully picked cases, and predominant activity sets.

Download Thomas Calculus 12th Edition Text Book





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Digital Design And Computer Architecture PDF | Free Download

Here you can get Digital Design And Computer Architecture PDF written by David Money Harris, Sarah L. Harris. Here you can also free download and read online this book. Digital design and computer architecture solution will also be uploaded soon. I'll also upload digital design and computer architecture 2nd edition in next post. Feel free to download PDF file from links given below.

Digital Design And Computer Architecture PDF | Free Download
Digital Design And Computer Architecture PDF | Free Download

Digital Design and Computer Architecture" is made for courses that incorporate digital logic routine which has computer organization/architecture or that teach these types of subjects as being a two-course pattern. "Digital Design and Computer Architecture" commences with a modern approach by carefully covering the fundamentals of digital logic design after which introducing Hardware Description Different languages (HDLs). Featuring examples of the 2 most widely-used HDLs, VHDL and Verilog, the first half of the text prepares someone intended for what follows in the second: the design of a MIPS Processor.

By simply the end of Digital Design and Computer Structures, readers will be ready to build their individual microprocessor and will have got a top-to-bottom understanding of how it works--even in the event they have no formal background in design or perhaps architecture beyond an initial class. David Harris and Sarah Harris incorporate a great interesting and humorous publishing style with an up to date and hands-on approach to digital design.


Download Digital Design And Computer Architecture by Harris


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[PDF] Digital Design and Computer Architecture | 2nd Edition

In this post you can free download 2nd Edition of Digital Design and Computer Architecture book written by  David Money Harris, Sarah L. Harris. Here is only textbook but I'll try my best to upload solution manual also. This book is about Verilog and Digital Systems Design.  VHDL and MIPS Processor is also described in this book. Read this book online or download PDF on your computer.

[PDF] Digital Design and Computer Architecture | 2nd Edition
[PDF] Digital Design and Computer Architecture | 2nd Edition

2nd Edition of Digital Design and Computer Architecture covers the fundamentals of digital logic design and reinforces logic concepts through the design of a MIPS microprocessor.
  • Features side-by-side examples of the two most prominent Hardware Description Languages (HDLs)-SystemVerilog and VHDL-which illustrate and compare the ways each can be used in the design of digital systems.
  • Includes examples throughout the text that enhance the reader’s understanding and retention of key concepts and techniques.
  • Companion Web site includes links to CAD tools for FPGA design from Altera and Mentor Graphics, lecture slides, laboratory projects, and solutions to exercises.

Download PDF Digital Design and Computer Architecture 2nd Edition

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[PDF] Electric Machinery Fundamentals by Chapman | Free Download

Here you can get Electric Machinery Fundamentals by Stephen J. Chapman in PDF form. You can free download PDF text along with solution manual. This is fourth edition but soon we will share fifth edition with you. Also 4th and 5th editions solutions will be uploaded. Chapman electric machinery fundamentals is one of the best books for Electrical Engineering students all over the world

[PDF] Electric Machinery Fundamentals by Chapman | Free Download
[PDF] Electric Machinery Fundamentals by Chapman | Free Download

Electric Machinery Fundamentals continues to be a popular machinery text because of its accessible, student-friendly coverage of the vital topics within the field. Chapman’s clear writing persists in being one in every of the highest options of the book.
Although not a book on MATLAB, the utilization of MATLAB has been increased within the fourth edition. in addition, several new issues are more and remaining ones changed. electrical Machinery Fundamentals is additionally in the middle of an internet site the provides solutions for instructors, furthermore as source code, MATLAB tools, and links to special sites for college students.


Download Electric Machinery Fundamentals 4th Edition PDF



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What Is Google Authorship and Why It is Important For SEO

Google Authorship

Google Authorship is about determining you to be a genuine author and proving the authenticity of the content that you write and publish for a website. In a layman’s term, it is about connecting and establishing your identity as an author of the blog you write for by connecting it to the Google+ profile. Google search results return searches and use this authorship as a byline where your avatar is displayed. In this way people searching the web will be able to identity who is the author of the content and make it easier to look for a particular author too.

What Is Google Authorship and Why It is Important For SEO
What Is Google Authorship and Why It is Important For SEO

Advantages of Google authorship 

Every content writer dreams of getting greater visibility and higher hits for their content. And what better way for that than connecting their Google+ account with the content directly? This may give weight age to the author’s profile and higher traffic since Google+ is also a social networking website. The links can be easily shared between people through it and prove more useful in grabbing the attention of people. It also makes it easier for someone searching several contents written by the same writer and keeping it streamlined and more user-friendly.

Most common issues in authorship and their most effective solutions

Using the right profile picture and its importance

Setting up Google Authorship is actually quite easy and comprises of a few easy steps. The set up also needs a profile picture that you might have given already but may not see that image appear on a Google search result. This may be heartbreaking but a problem that can be easily fixed by a few troubleshooting techniques. Always crosscheck whether the Google+ profile picture of yours is identifiable or not. Also ensure there are no images in which you are wearing sunglass, caps, etc, basically anything that can cover up your face and make you less recognizable. Remember, Google prefers a full face on the picture and that’s the choice you should go with while selecting a profile picture.

Only original authors are eligible for Authorship

Google considers and allows only real human beings for opening an account with Authorship and needs original and relevant content. It does not take or consider any business logo or mascot as the author of a particular content. This doesn’t mean that content cannot be posted on the internet if it is not by identifiable humans and is invalid. Only Authorship has such a criterion as Google wants to focus and bring up the feature for individual profiles and not that of a company.

Clearly mention a byline to go with your content

If you want your content to get an Authorship search result, there are two main things to be taken care of. One is to make sure that all content of yours has clearly mentioned a byline that states the name of the author. Secondly, this much mentioned name should match the name you have mentioned in your Google+ profile. So avoid using aliases or nicknames just to be more identifiable as the author of the content. 

Get every author writing for your site an author page

If your website is built using Wordpress themes and frameworks like Genesis you might be interested in knowing that they provide you with the option of setting up a unique author page using the options under Users Tab. Such templates then provide a byline automatically when the page is created by the author and the link is linked to the writer’s author page. With such provision already in place, all you need to do is connect the Google+ profile with the unique author page and each author can link their pages with their content on your site. In case the site doesn’t use themes then a coding right into the author pages may provide the necessary link between the content and the author’s page.

Misattribution in displaying correct author information in Google search results

It may so happen that Google search results are not providing your profile picture along with your content and may even display some other author’s image. This is a genuine problem as it may end up giving the wrong author the credit for content that you have written. 

Carefully inspect the issue and do an on-page search for the name that is displayed instead of yours for the content. It may also happen that the profile which is displayed along with your content is of someone who has commented in your article and Google may just have extracted that writer’s information and displayed it right away. It is a question as to why such authorship issue takes place by Google and what makes it choose only a particular name from a whole section of comments.

Do not use domain authorship attribution

There are many themes and plugins that provide the option of setting up authorship for your domain but is not a good idea to begin with. Google doesn’t like Authorship to be used for a page that doesn’t display even a single article or subsequent versions of it by the same author. The page that needs authorship is the ones with rich and genuine content written by real human beings. This includes content that is of analytical nature or of a person’s view on a topic. Property listings and product pages do not carry such content and hence should not be connected to authorship.


Google Authorship is evolving since its launch in summer of 2011 and keeps on going through major upgrades and changes. It may be safe to say that it will only get better with time and Google will work on the misattributions with a keen eye. Till then you can start being alert about such issues that may hamper your visibility and use the above points to solve them. If all is done well properly your authorship may start producing fruitful results within no time.

Author Bio

I’m Hussain, a freelance web designer/writer based in Pakistan.  I have worked in a number of SEO projects and have a good insight into creating a web design with SEO techniques incorporated in it.  Apart from web designing and SEO I also contribute high-quality articles to top class websites and blogs. Besides business I am part-time wildlife photographer and generally an extrovert, I also like travelling to different destinations. 

Download Best WiFi Network Hacker Tools 2016

Network hacking was never as easy as it is now. One had to be a hacking expert and would have to learn hacking courses to be able to hack anything. Nowadays with the release of hacking apps and tool‚ hacking everything has become very easy. With the release of wifi hacking apps‚ even a child can hack a wifi now. However‚ most of the time the hacking apps and tools are either just prank ones‚ or don't work as well as they claim. So‚ if you don't want to waste your time on useless hacking tools anymore‚ and want to know the Best Wifi Network Hacker. 

Download Best Wifi Network Hacker Tools 2016

Here is a list of Best Wifi Network Hacker tools for Laptop/PC that work perfectly‚ not time wasting tools at all and are trusted network hacking tools for their users.

This is a great tool which was awarded as Best Open-source Software in Networking. When it was released, it was totally free of cost‚ but now because of its popularity, it has become premium, and you have to pay 20$ to get this tool. It is a wi-fi scanner and works great on Windows and OSX operating systems. This tool does multiple tasks including‚ finding wifi access points that are open‚ saving the locks using GPS records and tracking signal strength of the router. It is not a free tool‚ but it is best at what it does and with little, to no effort, you can easily hack password for a wireless network.

CoW PAtty
This tool uses the dictionary to find the password for a network and works on Linux OS. This tool's interface is command line which runs on a world list containing the password for hacking a router. This tool is very easy and simple to use‚ but it is a little slow‚ because it uses SHA1 with the seed of SSID. This means that different SSIM belongs to the same password. So‚ this tool uses password dictionary that generates each word in the dictionary using SSID. This tool has a newer version to improve its speed. That latest version uses pre-computed files which contain 172000 dictionary file for 1000 different SSID. If your SSID isn't in the list‚ then this tool will not work for you.

WEP Attack
This tool is perfect for hacking passwords for unknown networks on Linux devices. This tool uses the dictionary to find the password for a wifi network using millions of word combinations. All that is required to work this tool is an active WLAN card, and you will be able to hack any wifi.

What is Black Hat SEO? SEO Tricks 2016

Black hat SEO is deemed as immoral procedures employed by search engine optimizer to get websites augmented visibility in search engines. black hat SEO is a widespread phrase acknowledged by search engine optimizer. In order to make certain that the search engines like Yahoo and Google etc are showing desired results to their end users, black hat SEO is always in process by these optimizer.

What is Black Hat SEO? SEO Tricks 2016
What is Black Hat SEO? SEO Tricks 2016

Most employ Black hat SEO users, who employing techniques to get their websites to roll up in the web pages of search results; normally will not provide you the data you wanted. For instance, if a Webmaster, using a black hat SEO, desires to craft cash with the help of Google Ad-sense, they position some keyword content on a particular webpage anticipating that when somebody comes across that webpage, they will hit on a poster or any ad for the reason that the material on that particular webpage is not valuable. In response, the Webmaster who planted such stuff by using black hat SEO, will earn for that click. Such black hat SEO practice exploited by the Webmaster to trick the hunt engines into thinking that the webpage was related to the rummage around, but outcome is normally poor. This is precisely what, now a day, search engines are attempting to cope with this black hat SEO.

All and sundry looks to be getting results using black hat SEO. Perhaps it’s occasion to seize a few black hat SEO tips to be familiar with the boundaries of optimization and the paybacks of performing in the grey area. Let’s observe what black hat SEO do to dig up traffic:

* To create legitimate doorways and entrances webpage is an enormous black hat SEO technique for link structuring and in fact receiving clients while your website is not standing at superior ranking. is very influential website with plenty of link juice is a fine case in this point of black hat SEO. This webpage allow you generate web pages on about any topic. Begin by forming a dozen of web pages with exclusive keywords on different theme those counterparts your website and then set an assortment of we blinks to your website on the web pages you have fashioned. In black hat SEO technique, at this moment, consider of further authoritative websites on which you can locate your writing stuff like Google Base, Blogger, Live space and many more.

* Blog & ping is another popular skill of black hat SEO because this is extremely effortless but a tremendously good way to get indexed prompt. Whenever you put pen to paper a new piece of writing, just visit to, place the article name and the web link or URL and ping away. Immediately you will be indexed.

* Search engine optimizer often love this ‘Go for the long tail’ black hat SEO way and employ this black hat SEO method in their web pages web sites and assignments because it’s easier to position for a 4 to 6 keyword hunt that has no straight contest and competition than it is to position for a hunt keyword that has millions of results, using black hat SEO.

Keyword stuffing is one tactic that you don’t see much of anymore, but you do occasionally see websites that in the footer have many keywords for their industry listed. This is a less obvious way to go about it as in the past it was literally just list a your keywords many times after the original content of your site. Keyword stuffed sites didn’t provide a good user experience, so Google cracked the whip and started punishing sites that did this so that other sites that are more user friendly could rank higher.

Invisible text is a lot like keyword stuffing but less obvious to the user. Companies utilizing this method would put text in the background of websites and make the text the same color so that no one would know there was content there unless they looked at the code. Websites would have a white background with white font and it made the text invisible. As far as Google views it now it’s spam and will not give you any benefit.

What Is White Hat SEO? SEO Tricks 2016

White hat SEO is the exact contradictory to black hat search engine optimization. When it comes to rousing traffic to your websites, white hat SEO system pursue the search engine course of action narrowly whilst simultaneously, searching for options to catch higher page grade. Accordingly, it is broadly professed as the leading mean of internet marketing as compared to the black hat. Since basically there are two SEO approaches as in black and white hat SEO. This piece of writing will be centering on white hat SEO.

What Is White Hat SEO? SEO Tricks 2016
What Is White Hat SEO? SEO Tricks 2016

White hat SEO method can be incredibly successful and they are as well good for your web pages in the long-standing than any other positive traffic driving means. White hat SEO can lift up your website throughout the search results grade devoid of having a harmful consequence on the value of your business and website.

Also, Read What is Black Hat SEO? 

Compared to black hat, white hat SEO yields steady and slow but enduring results. Thus, when choosing which part you should follow, you have to regard a better picture. Apart from online promoters, those working white hat SEO consist of software developers and programmers in computer safety. As their job name means, their employment is to upload organize & order along with protection between computer networks. It is equivalent to police preserving law & order. 

It is essential to assist search engines to place the content that they are hunting for when it is there on your website. By and large, white hat SEO looks after your status in the internet and online businesses. If you exercise it in a good manner, it will be to your benefit. People will start in on looking further at your web page and products once it turns into matching in trustworthiness and excellence. You will also initiate to make their belief and additional dealing for yourself with this white hat SEO.

Albeit utilizing of certain dishonest methods has caused the hunt engines to decrease their reliance on Meta characters, it is still important to make proper use of this feature with the help of white hat SEO. The white hat SEO acts a vital role in the way search engines search for the top websites. It is also very essential to guarantee that you decide for the right heading and titles for your website’s page using white hat SEO. It will be regarded as the envoy of the website’s content.
Use of effective keywords is also a significant white hat SEO technique. An assortment of related phrases and keywords should be employed in an ordinary run all over to your web contents. Using keywords is similar to entering into a search container, for the people who are trying to find your website. 

White hat SEO method will enlarge the probability that they will uncover your website. Particular multi-word search expressions, also identified as long end keywords, are the mainly helpful. You must aim two to three phrases or keywords on every page of your business website, and make sure that you also employ them in the most vital division of your page, for example in headings, titles as well as Meta descriptions. This is white hat SEO.